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Today, eCommerce websites have become thriving enterprises. eCommerce Websites are no longer limited to simply facilitating online purchases, but have become full-fledged online stores, displaying products and services, news about new products and upcoming products, special offers and much more.

In many ways, they are just like their physical counterparts in that they offer customers the ability to easily and conveniently purchase products and services in an informed way. However, in other ways, we think it is fair to say that eCommerce stores have gone many steps further and have exceeded their capabilities and limitations of physical stores, in that they are able to offer customers many more benefits that physical stores can not offer.

Here are some of the immediate benefits of online stores to consider;

  • The fact that they are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for 365 days of the year. This allows customers to purchase products and services any time, day or night, whether they are at home, in the office, or on holidays. Let’s consider this simple scenario. A lady faithfully purchases a particular shampoo from her hairdresser and has been doing so for years. It’s now Christmas so she decided to take a short holiday down the South Coast. She realities she has ran out of shampoo, but has no real incentive or way to purchase this online and have this delivered. She would gladly do this as after all she buys so many other things online each year. This is a realistic scenario offering great potential benefits for such business yet today there are so many hairdressers that don’t have these capabilities despite the fact that the opportunity is so great, and the way forward is so affordable and simple.
  • eCommerce websites offer convenience, allowing shoppers to purchase items in the comfort of their home or office, anytime day or night and is a great loyalty building service offering.
  • eCommerce websites offer powerful search functions allowing shoppers to both find products and services they are looking for and quickly purchase them.
  • In many ways, eCommerce websites offer ‘personal service’ in that database driven online stores retain helpful customer information, allowing a customer to easily access previous orders, change their details, and so forth.
  • eCommerce websites are very secure and trust worthy despite some of the negative criticism. In fact , its much safer entering your credit card details on a 100% trust worthy and reputable website, using world standard SSL encrypted technology, than handing your credit card over to some one at a desk, were it is open and visible, or were the service staff or sales person takes the credit card, walks away and brings you back the receipt to sign!
  • eCommerce websites are capable of storing and displaying an unlimited number or products unlike physical stores that have physical constraints. This has benefits for both the customers and also the store owners.
  • eCommerce allow customers to review other peoples opinions about items purchased as well as read information about the product and services being purchased. In many ways, this is much more helpful than the opinion of a sale representative that may not be familiar with the details of the various products. This is not to be rude or discrediting to the sales person but it’s true and I am sure most would agree.
  • eCommerce website have a better chance of acquiring pre-purchase information about their customers that physical stores do, in that a store can offer a simple benefit to the online visitor encouraging them to leave some helpful information about themselves.

Thus in addition to offering the ability for shoppers to complete online sales of product and services, most of the eCommerce websites today also provide helpful information that facilitate the shipping, payment, delivery tracking, after sales service and customer support processes. Such functions are made possible through the modular nature of online eCommerce websites, allowing them to easily adapt and scale to the website to changing market conditions, and most importantly expressed customer demands.

It is critical that eCommerce websites keep pace with the changing customer needs, by constantly looking for ways of adapting, improving and enhancing their offerings. Being web based, and not ‘physical’ as it were, there is often much more flexibility to accomplish this.

It’s also important to recognize that nature of issues and constraints facing eCommerce websites will differ according to the size and scope of the eCommerce website at hand and the structure, size and nature of the business.

Small companies, although possessing smaller budgets have much less ‘weight’ on their shoulders and are there for more flexible and able to make changes such as adding extensions, modifying themes and making various other store wide changes to the online store, to promote sales and attract new visitors.

On the other hand, larger eCommerce websites have the advantage of larger budgets and personnel that can aid and help facilitate this process. Off course it is much easier for a single store owner to setup an online store to make their products and services purchasable over the Internet through their website, than it is for a larger well established physical store or website to implement such changes.

In both cases, the fact that eCommerce websites are web-based and built with software means that such changes and enhancements can be made with minimal disruptions to the current website. New functions, facilities, services and even entirely new eCommerce websites can be designed, developed and implemented in parallel to the existing website as there are no literal physical constraints, generally speaking.

Further more, we find that those businesses that have a well established physical store presence have many advantages and opportunities to establishing a cohesive and complimentary eCommerce website and strategy.

eCommerce Software Solutions offers high quality eCommerce websites solutions for our valued clients. Our experience in developing eCommerce websites and our exposure to the development of different and varying, highly customized eCommerce websites has earned us the good will and trust of our local and global clients.

We focus on eCommerce website development with special emphasis on the following:

Fully Functional “Shopping Carts”
Shopping cart solutions are the most vital segment of any eCommerce website. At eCommerce Software Solutions we provide full-fledged shopping cart solutions, integrating quick check outs, fast order processing, and efficient shipping and delivery modules. We integrate the best payment gateways to give your website authenticity and customer trust.

Rich eCommerce Features and Facilities
Our eCommerce websites contain comprehensive features and functionality. This includes full product category view, product information display, functional and easily accessible search, rich product information display. This includes an entire range of essential features and facilities that are not only required but essential to professional, standards based eCommerce.

World Class eCommerce Technology
At eCommerce Software Solutions, we go to great lengths to impart a world class system to our eCommerce websites. Our websites comply with international standards like W3C and Web 2.0 so that the customer experience while browsing the website is a efficient, pleasant and successful.

Custom eCommerce Solution Development
We give utmost priority to highly customized, customer-oriented website design and development. In short, while accepting eCommerce website assignments and offering solutions, we focus on the design and development of eCommerce websites that fulfill today’s demands for easy navigation, quick loading pages and brief but informative content. We assess the requirements of each customer individually and design and develop eCommerce websites in tune with these requirements.

We optimise performance by controlling the use of code, images and animations. We carefully organize content in order to prioritize the display of products and services based on website usability, the sales process and business strategy. We design website navigation in such a way that the visitor is prompted to conclude the transaction with just a few clicks and leave the website, without having to spend valuable time searching for the required information.

We do not compromise on quality just for the sake of reducing cost. We offer our solutions at competitive prices with quality assurance.

We can offer full eCommerce website solutions to suite your exact requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about our company, services, technology and solutions, please contact us today for a private, obligation free, one-one-on discussion with one of our eCommerce consultants.

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