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Magento eCommerce Solution Packages For New and Established eCommerce Websites

Here at eCommerce Software Solutions we offer a range of consultative solution packages to meet the needs of small, medium and large scale eCommerce businesses: from custom development jobs, right through to complete turn-key solutions. Our packages are suitable for new eCommerce projects, as well as existing projects that are either already using Magento, or wish to migrate from another platform. By working extensively with both the Magento Community and Enterprise editions, we tailor each package to suit the unique needs and budgets of our clients.

Although we understand that eCommerce solutions cannot be “packaged” if they are to be effective (as each business is different and has different needs), we also acknowledge that there are certain fundamental requirements and functions that all eCommerce businesses need in order to be effective online. We’re able to offer these services to businesses of all types, laying the groundwork for a successful eCommerce store in the shortest of times.

At eCommerce Software Solutions all our solution packages are consultative, holistic and comprehensive in scope. After an initial review of the client’s particular situation, as well as their overall business strategy and objectives, recommendations are made regarding the best way to advance the client’s needs and requirements.

After producing a detailed blueprint of the project to be undertaken, we then move to the actual design, development and deployment of the customised solution. We make sure all functional requirements are met, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Once the project is complete, we offer ongoing maintenance and support to help keep your eCommerce site robust and secure.

Our packages are continually evolving in response to emerging market trends and changing market needs. This ensures that our solutions are always up-to-date and relevant.

We also offer a number of additional service options, including:

•    Mobile and social commerce.
•    Social and market place integration.
•    Customer loyalty.
•    Product data and merchandising.
•    eCommerce SEO content generation.
•    Hosting requirements.
•    Advanced merchandising.
•    Systems integration.
•    User experience and advanced process flow and design.
•    Any many more.

If you’re interested in discussing your design requirements in detail with us, and seeing how we can help you bring your eCommerce dreams into reality, then contact us today.