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Extending Your eCommerce functionality

Magento as an eCommerce platform already offers an extraordinary amount of functionality and customisation for its users. Indeed, it’s the leading platform on the market – and for good reason, too. However, there may be times when you need to add some extra feature to your online store, or further customise the shopping experience for your customers that you can’t already do with your existing, default version of Magento.

This is where a Magento Extension can help. An extension can enhance the default version of Magento, and give your online store the added functionality, and/or customisation it needs to really kick goals online. Being open-source, Magento gives developers from all over the world the chance to customise and enhance this already powerful and user-friendly eCommerce platform through custom-built, and designed, Magento Extensions.

There are already many extensions available on the market today (from integration, marketing and customer experience extensions) that can turbo-charge your eCommerce set-up. Some are free, whilst others you’ll need to pay for (we sell our own range of Magento extensions that can add tons of functional value to your online store).

However, there may be times when you can’t find an appropriate extension for your needs, and you may need a custom-built solution. In this case, we’re here to help. Here at eCommerce Software Solutions we custom build Magento-based extensions to help you succeed online, and better serve your customers.

We design and build customised solutions to cater to the demands of the market, and to make our customers’ happy. No matter whether you’re running Magento Enterprise or Community Edition, we can help. We’re also committed to setting you apart from the pack – in a good way. We know that each business is unique, and that you may need a tailored solution for your online commerce goals.

Our certified development team ensures that our creations are compatible with all the different browsers on the market and possible future upgrades, and we develop everything in accordance with current best practices and standards. We’re heavily focused on details and design too, and work to create high-quality Magento solutions for our legions of already satisfied customers. We also offer ongoing extension maintenance and support – to help you every step of the way.

Indeed, whatever your online store needs to become more successful, we can help you. We’re committed to building robust solutions that solve real eCommerce problems, and Magento is our platform of choice.

So feel free to contact us today to talk about how we can work together to enhance your existing Magento set-up to an even more powerful eCommerce solution with a customised Magento Extension.