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Magento Version Upgrade

Staying up-to-date with the latest version of Magento Enterprise or Magento Community Edition will help keep your website and online shopfront safe, secure, and running smoothly. It allows you to take full advantage of all the latest improvements and features offered by later versions of this popular e-commerce software solution (e.g., optimised indexing, improved caching, speedier checkout flows, and more extensions and plug-ins), and helps your business stay ahead of the pack when it comes to commerce online. It also helps keep your Magento system bug-free, and immune from hacking attempts and malware. Ultimately, upgrading allows you to sell more of whatever you sell, as you’ll be running an e-commerce system that’s fast, stable and functional and offers customers the best possible shopping experience.

If you’re a little worried about the potential for “down time” or loss of data when upgrading your existing Magento set-up, don’t be. It’s true: upgrading from older versions of the Magento platform to later versions can be quite complex and challenging at times (e.g., dealing with PHP and script errors, 3rd party extension incompatibilities, and in-core modifications, just to name a few). For example, many users have reported issues trying to upgrade from Magento to And some users are currently experiencing some difficulty and encountering “connect errors” when upgrading from version 1.6.2 to This can certainly be frustrating for you and your business, and waste a lot of your time.

However, by following a solid and proven upgrade methodology, here at eCommerce Software Solutions we’re able to update you existing Magento set-up, and then migrate all your content and data, with minimal downtime and no loss of functionality. And we back up all your data to ensure your own peace of mind. Each upgrade assignment is handled with the upmost care, and our team of knowledgeable, Magento certified developers ensures that your upgrade is given the professional treatment and full attention it rightfully deserves.

At eCommerce Software Solutions we can help you upgrade any version of Magento Enterprise or Community Edition to the latest Magento release. We offer a fast, professional and reliable service and will have you running the latest Magento software on your e-commerce website in no time at all.

Please contact us today to find out more about how we can bring your Magento e-commerce website up to speed.