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Why choose Magento as your eCommerce platform?

Magento Enterprise Edition is recommended for the following reasons

1. Magento Enterprise Edition contains various features that help to aid and improve performance on highly trafficked websites. Magento Enterprise Edition contains Full Page Caching which enhances performance with caching of primary pages, including category, product and CMS pages for all users, including session users. Caching of pages significantly improves server response times and reduces load. Magento community is still quick and efficient when run on optimised servers but Magento EE edition takes this to a new level. This is one of the reasons Magento EE has been suggested. This suggestion is based on the projected sales outlined, multi-store deployment, which utilises more resources, as well as the international market reach and penetration that is intended.

2. Magento EE contains various features out of the box that we feel will add value to the site given the expressed project requirements across the development phases. These features are ideal for eCommerce stores willing and ready to take full advantage of their online channel.  Many of these are revenue generating features that can be leveraged to maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and conversion.  Some of these features include;

Persistent shopping , allowing customers to maintain content in shopping carts, wish lists, etc. in subsequent sessions without having to login.

Customer segmentation and targeted promotions, allowing the store to identify and target customers by groups based on customer attributes and then make specific product suggestions, set shopping cart rules, deliver banners and specify promotions based on customer group profiling. For example, let’s say it is known that a customer likes a certain brand. This can be used to promote specific products to that customer group that fit that criterion.

Other features in Magento. EE that we feel will be of great benefit include automated email reminders for shopping carts that have been abounded. Private sales, allowing store owner to create limited time sales to specific VIP customers, for example. Gifting options, allowing customers to purchase physical and virtual gift cards and certificates, including option to charge for gift wrapping (perhaps for premium gift wrapping services). Reward points for shoppers which help establish customer loyalty and enhance customer retention and repeat buying. These are some of the features that help drive sales and increase profitability.

3. Magento EE contains enhanced content management features, unlike Magento CE. While Magento CE is still very good at content managing category and product pages, Magento EE contains enhanced content management allowing the user to create different page hierarchy trees for each website and store individually. When a website contains greater levels of media this may be necessary. It also contains content versioning and roll back capabilities which come in very handy when multiple content authors are involved and the site is being promoted in different market contexts. These features are not available in Magento CE.

4. Magento EE contains wider administrator permission roles on the website and store levels. This helps to better restrict roles so that staff can only view the data to the stores that are relevant for them. This is an important feature in multi-store deployments where different users and groups are responsible for managing the site. It offers a  greater degree of protection and security for the safety and integrity of the website. This also applies to price and promotion permissions so merchants can create and control multiple roles for reading and editing prices and promotions. This feature is helpful in sales high volume websites as errors can be highly disadvantages and costly.

5. Magento EE supports CDN which offers an alternative media storage solution. This allows website content to be made available on a content delivery network rather than being served from the web-server directly in order to enhance speed and load times.

6. Magento EE offers some additional security features. It includes Magento Secure Payment Bridge which is a Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), which enables merchants to efficiently attain PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and also offers stronger data encryption.

7. Overall we feel the Magento EE will offer a great and more suitable foundation for the eCommerce store management, operations and growth. While there are various extensions available through the Magento community that can extend the functionality of both Magento EE and Magento CE there are stability, performance and security advantages in having certain mission critical features built into the core system and supported by Magento upgrades and feature releases. Magento EE is suited for eCommerce merchants that are serious about the sales and success of their eCommerce presence and  want the assurance that their eCommerce platform is backed and supported by a dedicated product team.

Why Magento is selected as the eCommerce platform of choice?

1. Offers the best total cost of ownership compared to any other system in the world. No other system of this caliber in the world comes close when it comes to features versus cost. License fees are based on the number of production servers utilised not number of users/seats, etc. This means that you can run multiple independent Magento sites from the same server without incurring any additional costs. This allows the cost of licensing to increase in line with website growth and success. So if another production server license is required due to website growth (requiring another operational service to run the eCommerce store) it will generally be as a direct result of increase sales and revenue.

2. Magento is eCommerce feature rich and contains hundreds of essential and value added functions to help merchants operate a successful eCommerce store.

3. Magento has multi-store capabilities making it possible run multiple websites and website views from one instance /Magento setup. This is one of the main defining factors and reasons why so many merchants globally have chosen Magento as their preferred eCommerce platform.

4. Magento is 100% SEO friendly.

5. Magento is 100% open source. This means there is no proprietary lock in or code restrictions or limitations. This is a huge advantage and will help ensure that your website system is not limited by a single companies development road map.

6. Magento is highly extensible and can be customized to address any eCommerce requirement.  There are now over 5,000 extensions available that can be used to extend the functionality of the store or to address specific requirements. This is unparalleled by any other eCommerce system. This is also supported by a sophisticated extension market place that enables you to search for the extension required. Normally when a requirement is identified for a Magento eCommerce store the first step is to search for the appropriate extension. If the extension is identified it can either  be purchased and used verbatim, purchased and customized to suite the need, or if the extension is not available it can be custom developed to suite the requirements.

7. Magento is highly scalable and can be deployed to handle very large scale website. Being 100% web based it can be quickly scaled to handle any level of traffic, orders and customers.

8. Magento has demonstrated that it is a quality eCommerce solution that can be relied upon to run the eCommerce operations of some of the world’s largest eCommerce websites and leading brands.

9. Magento is owned and backed by eBay, which is a company that not only has vast resources but is committed to the growth and momentum of eCommerce.

10. Magento is an innovative and modern eCommerce application that has been developed from the outset to meet the latest Internet standards. The web services API makes it possible to integrate Magento to third-party applications.

11. Magento is supported by a very large range of 3rd party software vendors making it possible to integrate Magento with popular and best of breed 3rd party systems that business are already using or desire to use. These range ranging from email marketing, inventory management, shipping and logistics, market places, website analytics, payment options, website security, CRM, ERP, accounting, social media, search, etc.

12. Magento is very intuitive and easy to use. There are also many resources available to learn how to use and understand Magento.

13. No single vendor or partner locking in. Magento’s business model is based on a global partner network. This is made up of both solution and technology partners so the merchants have the flexibility and liberty to choose who they prefer to work with.

14. Magento supports mobile commerce – HTML 5 so that the store can be developed so that it is optimized for mobile devices.