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Mobile Commerce Presence and Strategy

Mobile commerce gives users of hand-held devices such as the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones the power to purchase goods and services from your website, directly from their mobile phones. It’s an increasingly popular way of doing business these days, and if your website is not already equipped to handle transactions of this kind then you may be losing out on potential sales. In 2011, eBay reported earnings of over $5 billion from purchases made through mobile phones alone, and experts say that mobile commerce will play an important role in any business’s strategy in the coming years. In a 2012 Online Business Index report, 72 per cent of businesses surveyed echoed these same sentiments.

In Australia – one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world – smartphone users are purchasing something online with their phones every 15 seconds. And as of January 2013, 29 per cent of mobile users had made at least one purchase on their phones. This number is set to increase in the coming years as the wave of the smartphone and tablet revolution sweeps further throughout the developed world

Transacting directly on our mobile phones offers a degree of convenience and accessibility that’s hard to beat. In an age where almost everyone carries around their internet-enabled phone 24/7 and when time is precious and hard to come by, more and more people are using their phones to bank, socialise, and – most importantly for businesses – to purchase goods and services at anytime, anywhere. Having a mobile commerce will make it much easier for your customers to do business with you and increase your eCommerce conversion rate resulting in more sales and loyal customers.

Having an effective and user-friendly mobile commerce solution is essential in helping your business thrive online. At eCommerce Software Solutions we use the Magento e-commerce platform to create effective and user-friendly mobile commerce solutions for businesses. The Magento platform gives merchants unprecedented control and flexibility with the look, feel and functionality of their mobile commerce set-up – whatever device is used to access your mobile site. The platform also makes for a great shopping experience for the buyer with fast load times, secure payment channels, and easy navigation.

At eCommerce Software Solutions we will not only help you establish a professional, innovative and successful mobile commerce presence but also we offer continual support and guidance after setting up your mobile commerce solution. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s vital you have an effective mobile commerce solution in place today.

Please contact us to discuss ways that we can assist you in establishing a mobile commerce presence and strategy.