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Sell More Online with Responsive Website Design

It’s no longer safe to assume that visitors to your website or online store are viewing your content on a standard PC screen. Traditionally, web designers created websites that fit the dimensions of computer monitors because most users would be viewing websites in this way.

However, times have changed. These days, more and more people are using the Internet and shopping online on smartphones or tablets (such as the iPhone, iPad, and devices which use the Android operating system). In Australia alone, around 7 per cent of the population made a recent purchase online with their smartphones or tablets. And last year, the use of Internet-enabled mobile devices grew by 100 per cent. There’s no doubt that this number will grow in coming years.

In light of this current state of affairs, making sure your website looks good and is functional on all types of devices is crucial to properly serving your customers, and of course selling more online. This is where a responsive website design can help. Research has found that more than 50 per cent of the Australian public shop online, which means that if your website doesn’t read well, or look good on these other devices, then you may be losing out on sales. Different devices have different screen sizes, resolutions and browsing capabilities, and you may find that the content on your website is rearranged – or even missing – when viewed on an iPhone or iPad, for example. You don’t want this. It’s vital that you control the look and feel of your website and shopfront to cater to your customers – whatever device they choose to view your content.

A responsive website will look great, and be totally functional, no matter what device is used to access your website or shop. A site designed in this way means there’ll be minimal resizing, panning and scrolling when users are at your website. A responsive website is able to adjust the layout of the website automatically by using fluid, proportion-based grids, and CSS3 media queries. It gathers key information from the device that’s trying to access the website and then uses this information to tailor the display of your content.

Having a responsive website is key to maintaining an effective and functional e-commerce website. A Magento-based responsive design ensures a fun and user-friendly shopping experience for your customers. Magento is a leading open source e-commerce platform, and can be tweaked to ensure that your online store is easily accessible on any kind of device. This means that no matter what device is used to access your site, your customers will be able to click through your online store and read the content, and see the images, in the correct places and in the right size. They’ll then hopefully proceed to checkout and enter their payment details. Indeed, having complete control over the look, feel and functionality of your online shop – no matter what device is used – is crucial to your online success.

It’s important that your online shop is user-friendly on all kinds of devices, as a bad online shopping environment will ultimately hurt your bottom line. At eCommerce Software Solutions we can build responsive websites that work with the Magento open source e-commerce platform. We can build you a website and online store that looks great, is user-friendly, and functional on all kinds of devices.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss how we can help your business prosper online with a responsive Magento web design.